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The current health emergency, in imposing the necessary precautions to protect public health, generates operational repercussions that do not make it possible, due to force majeure, to guarantee compliance with the expected service levels, without prejudice to the commitment of Global Store to minimize possible inconvenience.

In consideration of the repercussions of the COVID-19 emergency in progress on air flights, routes and means of transport, as well as on the entire internal and foreign logistics chain, national and international parcel shipments could be slowed down or be processed and / or delivered in a different way than the ordinary procedures provided by the destination postal operator.


Becoming aware of the new normal in which we are forced to live is essential to keep moving forward.

At the onset of the pandemic, we were able to provide numerous individuals and businesses with a broad assortment of products intended for the prevention of COVID-19.

Now we are committed to strengthening the entire range of products useful for preventing contagion, making them an essential part of our catalog and our lives.

Thanks to our network of customers around the world, we will continue to advance to minimize contagion and get used to living with products that will make our daily lives safer.

Don't forget that:

All our items are sent with the packaging in perfect condition.

If in the delivery there have been external damage or some anomaly in the packaging, the recipient must note on the delivery note or on the proof of delivery the words "PACKAGING IN BAD CONDITION". This is essential for the transport agency to accept the complaint.

If necessary, an after-sales claim must be opened within 5 days of delivery.


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